In a world of constant change, technology and innovation are the growth engine for competitiveness and progress. At Ontech we are convinced of this. We create disruptive technology. Our Controlled ElectroMagnetic Field technology is here to change the way you experience the world, every day.


Our internationally patented technology is based on the control and measurement of magnetic and electric fields. We call this technology Controlled ElectroMagnetic Field or CEMF. At Ontech we have studied and applied the behaviour of magnetic and electric fields to unique products. Our engineers have designed and developed sensors that detect interferences with the magnetic field that emits them. The applications for CEMF technology are endless. Currently, Ontech is closely collaborating with such sectors as metaverse, IoT, security, transport, defence and urban planning.


Hard work, commitment and passion for engineering has brought us internationally recognised rewards. Ontech has already received awards based on it's unique technology and helping to revolutionise the security sector. We convinced that this is just the beginning.

Best in Personal Protective Equipment solutions

Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2016 (Wardiam Fire)

Best Outdoor Perimeter Solution (Wardiam Perimeter)

Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2016 (Wardiam Pro)

Best in intrusion detection and prevention solutions (Wardiam Pro)


Ontech has successfully applied to 100+ international patents for the use of Controlled ElectroMagnetic Field (CEMF) technology. The patents cover household and industrial sector applications alike. Our patented technology is already providing positive impacts across the world. Industrial safety, automotive safety, sustainable and more affordable smart city solutions as well as the development of the metaverse are merely examples of how we add value to your world.